THE deputy leader of the Labour Party visited East Lothian last week.

It really got me thinking what difference a Keir Starmer government would be to the incompetent shambles of the Tory party that has decimated our economy.

Right now, in terms of policies, it is difficult to tell between the two.

One of the cruellest Tory policies that Labour now support is the two-child limit. This prevents parents from claiming child tax credit or universal credit for any third or subsequent child born after April 2017.

Year after year, more children in East Lothian are growing up in poverty because of this cruel policy.

In my constituency, over 3,000 children are currently impacted, with a staggering 1.5 million children affected UK-wide.

This is bringing real hardship to vulnerable families. The Scottish Government is doing what it can to protect families from this callous policy supported by both London parties and their Scottish branch offices.

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Last week, the Labour Party also u-turned on the Tory policy on scrapping limits to bankers’ bonuses and are once again fully in line with the Conservatives.

Angela Rayner did not explain to the people of East Lothian why her party would rather cap child benefits than cap bankers’ bonuses.

For context, in 2022, NatWest’s CEO raked in an annual salary of £5.2 million, while a family who receive child benefits would be given as little as £14.45 a week for each additional child.

As we struggle to pay our utility bills, last week the CEO of British Gas commented on his pay of £4.5 million.

He said “it can’t be justified”. He is correct there, but he pocketed it anyway. While it might seem fitting that this kind of greed is supported by the Tory party, we should be clear it is now supported Labour.

Fourteen years of Tory government has seen public services decimated, foodbank use rocket and in-work poverty levels reach a record high. These are the real issues and it is only the SNP that will always stand up for Scotland and prioritise support for working families.