EAST Lothian’s population grew by 12.6 per cent between 2011 and 2022, the second fastest rate in Scotland. Only neighbouring Midlothian had a higher rate.

According to the National Records of Scotland, by 2043 the population of East Lothian is expected to grow by around 15 per cent (from 2018).

With many areas of Scotland in population decline, East Lothian is thriving.

However, East Lothian now has to plan for increased demand for housing, healthcare, education, jobs and transportation infrastructure.

There has been great progress in capital projects needed to support East Lothian to a prosperous future.

East Lothian Courier: Colin Beattie MSPColin Beattie MSP

Exciting new developments such as the Edinburgh Innovation Park on land adjacent to the Queen Margaret University campus will see focus on important high-growth sectors.

East Lothian Council have completed 100 council homes and 133 affordable houses since spring 2023. At the start of this school year, a new high school was opened in Wallyford and recently a new train station was opened in East Linton.

Much more is to be done to meet the challenges of population growth. More investment is needed.

The facts are that the brutal cuts by the UK Government will see Scotland’s capital allocation fall by 10 per cent by 2028/29.

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This has been brought about by the catastrophic mismanagement of the UK economy by the Tory Government that has led to economic instability, reduced growth prospects, and negative consequences for businesses and individuals.

The SNP is the only party championing the investment needed to protect our future and the investment needed to support a thriving, growing population in East Lothian.

Our strong opposition to cuts is a clear dividing line between the SNP and the Tory-Labour Westminster establishment – alongside our commitment to EU membership. Scotland deserves more than the budget cuts forced by Westminster.