IT'S EXAM time! I remember it well. Sitting on the rocks at the Boat Shore in Cockenzie, the only place I could get any peace.

It is surely one of the most stressful times of a young person’s life; a few hours in a quietened room can shape one’s entire future. I wish every student the best of luck.

Going by the results of last year’s intake to university, East Lothian schools are among the best in the country. Congratulations to students and teachers alike finding inspiring success in such challenging times.

I doubt any of us underestimate the benefits of a successful education, not only for the students themselves, but for the future prosperity of our society itself.

This questions any rationing of our top students attending Scottish universities due to some perverse quota systems. Surely, each student educated in our own establishments, if that is their ambition, is more likely retained in our country’s workforce and is the gold dust of the future?

East Lothian Courier: Mary ContiniMary Contini

Reflecting on our own excellent education opportunities, you may be shocked to learn that one out of every two children in the world is excluded from regular education. That is 260 million children around the world not in school.

This is a global education crisis exaggerated by war, displacement, governments and pandemic. Young girls are particularly impacted.

The charity Theirworld, founded by Sarah Brown 20 years ago this week, has worked tirelessly around the globe to raise awareness and end this education crisis. Children not in school are vulnerable to exploitation.

Theirworld is working already in Ukraine to support the thousands of children displaced and find them a safe place to learn and build skills for their future.

As grandchildren and great grandchildren of economic immigrants educated in East Lothian over the last century, my daughter Olivia and my Di Ciacca cousins are joining the Edinburgh half marathon to raise funds for this charity. Watch out for us – the route is right along the coast. Support us if you can – and wish us luck too! See and