NORTH Berwick Community Council has objected to a proposed circus at the Lodge Grounds.

Last month, the Courier reported that a request had been made to East Lothian Council to permit a circus at the town’s park.

The group members met last week to discuss a number of topics, with concerns raised by numerous attendees about accommodation of the performers and the potential of litter the event would bring.

Kenny Miller, chairman of North Berwick Community Council, said: “We are concerned about the siting of a circus in the Lodge in light of the area it will occupy, the length of time it will be there, the number of vehicles that will need to access the Lodge and the potential for damage to the Lodge.

“There is a circus scheduled to be in the Recreation Ground this year, and [we] would suggest that is a far more suitable location.”

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The plans were previously discussed at the group’s April’s meeting, with members then voicing concerns about the location of the event amid fears it could have a negative impact on the park’s grounds.

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: “We received a request for a potential circus booking in 2025. We are currently looking at whether this request could be facilitated and are engaging with community representatives such as the community council on the suitability.

“No decision has been taken at this time as to whether or not this event would go ahead, which would also be subject to our SAG (safety advisory group) process.”