FOLLOWING the proceedings of the Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry and the responses from politicians, scientists and Government officials left a feeling of uncertainty, mistrust and suspicion.

We await the final report of the inquiry; however, some of the responses appear to have failed to fully disclose governmental reasoning and motives for decisions made.

In the light of deleted records and decision-making by different groups, it is not clear what to believe. Some respondents presented differing points of view. In the words of our late monarch, who diligently obeyed the ever-changing Covid rules and restrictions, even to the point of sitting isolated during her husband’s funeral, “recollections may vary”.

It resurfaces many questions in our own minds of how we ourselves reacted.

East Lothian Courier: Mary's granddaughter's recollections of the pandemicMary's granddaughter's recollections of the pandemic

As we know, many were obliged to sacrifice precious time away from family or friends to carry out essential roles such as NHS staff, teachers, civil servants and politicians. Many endured long periods of separation, my daughter included.

This was an unprecedented event none of us expected. Even though there were warning signs, reports from China, horrific images from Italy and so on, we never thought it would happen to us.

We need to be better prepared. The inquiry must be given clear and true information to come to the correct conclusions and recommendations for the future.

Did you know you can also have your say? The ‘Let’s Be Heard’ part of the inquiry invites us to share our experiences and opinions at

You can access forms and contact details where you can record your experiences.

This is an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard.

You may want to show your gratitude to medical staff or local workers who made the experience safer or better. You may wish to voice your frustrations, disappointments and regrets.

In 2021, reunited once more with our seven-year-old granddaughter after months apart, we thought to ask her to record how the pandemic had affected her.

Her words – which can be read above – are sobering from such a young child, but also important to hear.