ACCORDING to new analysis published by Centre for Cities, no part of the UK has escaped the impact of the flatlining of the UK economy since 2010. At UK level, people have been left with £10,200 less to spend or save on average since 2010 than if the economy had grown at pre-2010 trends. This is appalling.

As Scotland continues to suffer the economic consequences from Brexit, austerity and the Truss-Kwarteng mini budget, opposition parties claim that Scots will move to England because of the SNP’s budget. They are clearly not considering the facts highlighting that most people living in Scotland are significantly better off than those living in England.

Thanks to this Government, we have.

1. Lower council tax: the Band D council tax rate is £648 lower than in England thanks to the Scottish Government freeze.

2. Free prescriptions: Scots save an average of £183.35 annually.

3. Free tuition: Scotland offers free higher education, saving over £9,000 for every student.

4. Baby box: Scotland believes in equal opportunities for every child. The baby box provides essential items for a child’s first six months.

East Lothian Courier: Baby boxes have been delivered throughout the country. Image: Andrew Milligan/PA WireBaby boxes have been delivered throughout the country. Image: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire (Image: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire)

5. Free personal and nursing care.

6. Free bus travel: over two million people in Scotland enjoy free bus travel.

7. The Scottish Government has mitigated the brutal Tory/Labour bedroom tax.

8. Funded childcare: 1,140 hours of funded early learning and childcare for all three and four-year-olds and eligible two-year-olds.

9. Scrapping of hospital parking fees.

10. The Scottish Child Payment: nearly 6,000 children in East Lothian receive this unique support that is estimated to lift 50,000 children in Scotland out of relative poverty in 2023/24.

I have only provided 10 reasons why you are better off in Scotland but there are many more. Despite significant financial pressures caused by Westminster economic chaos and cuts, the SNP Government is continuing to do everything possible to make Scotland a fairer, equal and more prosperous country to live in.