THE UK Government’s proposals to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with the UK Bill of Rights is dangerous and unnecessary.

The Human Rights Act safeguards every member of our society – there is absolutely no requirement for a new Bills of Rights when the Human Rights Act has for over 20 years protected our rights to privacy and liberty, freedom of expression and peaceful protest. The UK Government’s own Independent Review of Human Rights found no good case for making significant changes.

The Human Rights Act has prevented discrimination, inhumanity and the abuse of power. The recent approach of the UK Government towards refugees is cruel and Boris Johnson’s abhorrent Rwanda deal abdicates the UK’s moral and international responsibilities to recognise and support refugees. This first inhumane deportation flight to Rwanda was thankfully averted, with the policy also being challenged in the European Court of Human Rights. However, this is just the start.

If the UK Government were to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with its own Bill of Rights, removing the safeguards we have in place, I have deep concerns for the welfare and treatment of refugees who face deportation under policies such as the Rwanda policy. This scheme is not only morally wrong, but it is a catastrophic waste of taxpayers’ money.

I oppose both the UK Government’s Rwanda policy and the UK Bills of Rights. The UK Government has not been transparent with any intentions for the UK Bills of Rights, and any proposed changes should be consulted upon and have input from devolved governments.

It is once again a tale of two governments: Scotland is looking outwards to the world, aims to be fair and progressive, yet the UK Government are closing off to the world, making us all worse off for it economically, socially, and culturally – all against Scotland’s will. Westminster is holding Scotland back. Brexit is making us poorer and continued Tory control will make it even worse.