SLOWLY, Parliament is getting back on its feet after the election.

I now have an office. Actually, it’s the same office I have had for the past 10 years! It gives me a nostalgic feeling watching the newly elected MSPs finding their way around quite a complicated building. I well remember having to ask where the exit was back in 2011. I am pleased to see so many bright and enthusiastic young people from all parties. They will add much to the already diverse skills and views within the chamber and I very much look forward to working with them this Parliamentary term.

For myself, I am still waiting to hear which Parliamentary committees I will be allocated. I am hoping they will be the same as the last Parliament, since I found them interesting and engaging. That’s the economy committee and the public audit committee. I understand the delay is caused by the Tories dragging their feet on agreeing to the allocations.

In the meantime, my constituency office is still operating on a remote basis, with staff working from home. I am hoping to return to some office occupancy in the weeks to come. This has not affected our support for the public and our case volumes remain high. Housing remains one of the most sought after for help. I am continuing to hold telephone surgeries at the moment and I would encourage those needing assistance to contact our office on 0131 454 0204 to book an appointment.

In local news, I am looking forward to my extended visit next week to Riverside Medical Practice. I see this as a watershed which will clearly determine for me the way forward. I understand the anxiety and frustration for so many and will respond to that.

Finally, please remember that Covid still presents a real risk to our society. It is very much still with us and remains a danger, particularly to those who are vulnerable. I would ask everyone to be mindful of this, behave responsibly and to take great care when out and about.