I AM VERY pleased to hear that the Queen Margaret University Covid-19 drive-through vaccination centre is being so highly spoken of.

From initial reports, it seems that this clinic is very efficient and running smoothly, which will ensure that we can get this vaccine rolled out as quickly as possible. Congratulations to all involved in running this.

I understand that many people may not have access to a car to access the QMU clinic. If you are offered a drive-through appointment, you should not arrive by foot. Firstly, ask your friends or family if they could drive you to your appointment. There is also a service provided by HandiCabs Dial-A-Ride; however, these slots are limited and so if you have another way of accessing your appointment then you should take it. If you have any issues with your appointment and need to reschedule, then please contact the Covid-19 helpline on 0800 030 8013. If you are having trouble getting to an appointment because you are shielding, please contact the National Assistance Line on 0800 111 4000.

As of Monday, it is now necessary to quarantine in a hotel for 10 nights – those entering the country will be required to self-isolate and undertake Covid-19 tests. Travellers need to pre-book and pay for this accommodation (which includes the food and tests) and this will cost £1,750. This move is essential to protect from new variants of the virus.

Musselburgh Rugby Club were recently selected to receive £50,000 from the sportscotland Sport Facilities Fund. The club intend to use this funding to upgrade their facilities and to create a new gym and strength and conditioning suite. The club are also doing work to make rugby more accessible, by developing in areas such as disability sport and creating women’s and girls’ teams. In light of their achievements, I have submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament. I would like to congratulate all those at the club who have made receiving this funding possible, and to wish the club all the best going forward.