The Euro 2024 finals draw is set to take place very soon and Scotland will find out who they will face in the group stages of the tournament.

Steve Clarke's side cruised to qualification, finishing second in their group behind Spain and as a result will compete in a second consecutive Euros.

They have been placed in Pot C for the finals draw along with the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia and Croatia.

Here's how you can watch the draw to see who Scotland will face in the Euro 2024 group stage.

East Lothian Courier: Scotland qualified from their group in second place behind SpainScotland qualified from their group in second place behind Spain (Image: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire)

How to watch the Euro 2024 finals draw in Scotland?

The Euro 2024 finals draw will take place at 5pm GMT (6pm local time) on Saturday, December 2 at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.

It will be streamed live online on Uefa’s official website, YouTube channel and app.

BBC Scotland Sportscene will also cover news of the draw after Saturday's Scottish football matches have concluded.

From the descripton of the episode on the BBC website, it is not clear if the actual draw will be shown live or if pundits will just discuss it.

How does the Euro 2024 finals draw work?

The countries that have qualified plus the three countries that will earn a place through the play-offs have been split into four pots.

Six countries are in each pot and will be drawn into six groups with four sides in each one.

Hosts Germany are seeded in Pot 1 but are not drawn as they are automatically allocated to Group A, the UEFA website states.

They add: "A further six pots (A, B, C, D, E, F) are required to draw the respective team’s position in each group.

"Pots B-F contain four balls each to represent the positions available in each group (eg B1, B2, B3 and B4).

"Pot A contains only three balls for the positions A2, A3 and A4 in Group A, since Germany will occupy position A1.

"The draw starts with pot 1. The first team from pot 1 is drawn and assigned to the first available group in alphabetical order (group B in this case). To determine the position of the team within the drawn group, a ball is subsequently drawn from the relevant bowl (pot B in this case) containing the group positions.

"The next team is drawn to be assigned to the next available group in alphabetical order. Again, a ball is drawn from the associated pot with the group positions. The same procedure is repeated, until one team from Pot 1 has been assigned to every group B to F, and a group position has been assigned to every team.

"Once Pot 1 has been emptied, the draw continues with Pot 2 in the same fashion (i.e. until one team from Pot 2 has been assigned to every group A to F), then Pot 3 and concludes with Pot 4."