HANNAH Chapman is facing a race against time to save her season after a high-impact crash left her on the sidelines.

The Mini driver escaped with nothing more serious than a sore neck following the accident at Knockhill, but damage to the car has left question marks over whether she will compete again this season.

Since the crash, which took place during the second free practice session in her home round of the Quaife MINI CHALLENGE, she has been fighting against the clock in a bid to ensure she is on the starting grid at Snetterton this weekend.

Speaking on Monday evening, she said: “I have been trying everything to race.

“I have a budget to get back on the track and I’m not sure if it is going to happen.

“It is against the clock, it is very close to not happening with every hour that passes.

“Tuesday is probably my last day to try to salvage the situation.

“I have had some really kind people looking to help but the budget to find is quite big.

“I cannot do it with one piece without the rest.

“I have been so grateful for everybody’s kindness but I need to try to raise the whole budget to be able to commit to the remainder of the season.

“I’m not giving up.

“I am pushing hard, I’m sending out emails, making phone calls and trying to spread the word to make sure the season does not end the way it did at Knockhill.”

Chapman, who lives in Dunbar, listed the damage done to her Hybrid Tune car on the short run-up towards Clark’s at the Fife circuit.

Although the majority of it was “mostly cosmetic”, there was damage to the front end, dampers, front bumper and body panels.

However, the most expensive issue was the engine, with the racer reckoning it would cost about five figures to fix the problem.

The 29-year-old, who began her racing career at Raceland, near Gladsmuir, said: “I did not put a foot wrong; it was just unlucky.

“The way the car reacted when I came over the crest of the chicane, on the exit, the car ran a little bit wide as it should be.

“My back left wheel dropped into the gravel and it shot across the track to the right-hand side like a missile.”

Racers had already completed eight rounds at Donington Park, Brands Hatch and Oulton Park before arriving north of the Border.

The three races at Knockhill provide the home drivers with a chance to strut their stuff in front of not only those lining the track but the television cameras, with the series broadcast on ITV.

Chapman added: “It was the worst feeling imaginable. I cannot describe how horrible I felt.

“I was going into the weekend with so much excitement, so many guests, friends, family – just everything about it.

“To then go from that excitement and build-up that week, all so excited up until the crash.

“I was going really well and for it all to disappear like that from one accident was just really, really hard to take.”

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