I disagree with the points Neil Innes makes on developing the East Lothian coastline similar to California and the Mediterranean.

For a start, we don’t have the vast expanses of coast to play around with. We have a unique and fragile strip of coast prone to erosion, rich in wildlife and seabirds which would be destroyed at the first turn of the bulldozer. Why on earth should large houses be built on it? Another Malibu!

He says the Golf Coast Road has hardly changed in 60 years and why should it? The tourist board have intentionally directed this beautiful route as a diversion from the busy A1. This is what tourists when they visit Scotland enjoy, not a built-up wasteland. It is about preserving the beauty on our doorstep for all to enjoy, not plonking a group of exclusive mansion-type houses on it as you suggest.

Driving along the start of the coast from Levenhall towards Cockenzie, there is a feeling of expanse and freedom and fresh sea air after the city buzz. I am against the energy park and I would love to see this area left as it is, without communities building on it.

The council, extolling John Muir at every opportunity but without a thought for what the great man himself may have wished or even us less important folk, see fit to agreeing to rip up the coastline on a massive scale. Yet work is in progress a bit further down the coast to charge for parking so the visitors can gaze out to sea at our beautiful coastline.

A group of Dutch tourists were picnicking on the dunes last summer around the Port Seton area, taking in the sweeping sea views from Edinburgh to Aberlady Point. They said they were admiring our stunning, unspoilt scenery. What do you think of that, East Lothian Council?

Jane Wright Kitchener Crescent Longniddry