THE revelations over Boris Johnson’s involvement in lockdown parties at Downing Street have dominated the headlines over the last couple of weeks.

While the official inquiry continues, enough evidence has emerged to convince most of the public that Mr Johnson and many of his close colleagues and advisers broke the rules, perhaps on several occasions.

This has not only undermined the public’s faith in Mr Johnson, as his poll ratings plummet, but also that of many of his own MPs, with several now calling publicly for his resignation.

But these headlines also fuel the fire of Scottish nationalism and give the SNP Government cover for their numerous failures.

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For those of us who just want to get on with the task of recovering from the pandemic and building a fairer Scotland, the last couple of weeks have been infuriating.

It has, however, also emphasised two important truths in politics today.

The first is that this self-interested Conservative Party will stop at nothing to stay in power, even if it means sacrificing an inept leader they have backed until now.

That is why when it comes to future elections, we must do everything we can not just to oppose the Tories but to replace them in government.

The SNP can only oppose them from the sidelines.

It is only Labour that can replace them.

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The second truth it has made clear is that, for those who care about the future of the UK, the Tories are not good enough to lead it and they are not strong enough to take on the SNP.

We can only save, rebuild and renew the UK by being relentlessly focused on people’s needs across every part of our country, striving to make it a better, fairer place for everyone.

That has never been the Tories’ vision, which is why only Labour can truly stand up for the future of the UK.