The Edinburgh Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is coming into force very soon, restricting the types of cars that can go into the city centre.

The aim of the LEZ is to allow everyone in the capital to enjoy a "greener city" and "cleaner air" as well as ensuring "healthier people and communities".

While the scheme was first introduced in 2022, a two-year grace period was enacted, meaning no drivers were penalised for non-compliance.

When will enforcement of the Edinburgh LEZ come into force?

The Edinburgh LEZ will begin being enforced from June 1, 2024, meaning those falling foul of the restrictions will face fines.

Where is the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone?

The boundary of the LEZ runs along Tollcross in the south to Palmerston Place in the west along Queen Street in the New Town to Picardy Place.

It then runs along Abbeyhill onto Holyrood Road along the Pleasance in the east before heading back along the Meadows to Tollcross.

What cars are exempt from LEZ restriction in Edinburgh?

According to Edinburgh City Council, the vehicles (that would otherwise violate the LEZ) exempt from the new rules include:

  • Vehicles for people with disabilities, including people who have Blue Badges (vehicles must have a disabled tax class and blue badge users must register)
  • Historic vehicles (historical interest in the UK, manufactured and registered at least 30 years ago, no longer in production and preserved in the original state)
  • Showman’s vehicles (show people must apply for this at
  • Emergency vehicles (Providing a response to an emergency at the request of the Scottish Ambulance Service Board or exercising a function of the emergency services)
  • Military vehicles (applies to eligible organisations like the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy)

What fines are there for driving in the Edinburgh LEZ with a non-compliant car?

Those driving non-compliant cars through the LEZ will be fined £60 with those making the same breach within 90 days being fined a further £120.

Those making their third and fourth breach will be given further fines of £240 and £480.

Similar penalties exist for non-compliant minibuses, buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles.

Find out more on the Edinburgh City Council website.

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How to check if your car is allowed in the Edinburgh LEZ

Those wishing to see if they are eligible to enter any LEZ in Scotland can do so by visiting the Low Emissions Zone Vehicle Checker.

After entering your vehicle registration plate, you will be able to see if your car can enter the zone without being fined.

However, the resource notes that it will not be able to provide "an exemption status for all national or local exemptions."

Motorists have been told that they will still need to check if their vehicle meets exemption criteria before travelling.