Lorraine fans are in total shock after discovering the "real age" of popular Scottish singer Lulu.

The star from Lennoxtown, who is well-known for hit songs like Shout, was labelled "incredible" by viewers tuning into Wednesday's episode of the ITV show.

Appearing on the daytime programme donning a trendy pair of glasses, she admitted that she has naturally "patchy grey" hair.

Discussing her latest tour, Champagne For Lulu, she said the "gruelling" show dates have started to take their toll on her.

The former Eurovision star told Lorraine Kelly: "This is a farewell tour.

"This is a farewell tour with family and friends which leaves a little 'who what when?'.

"Because I did a tour last year that was gruelling for many reasons, and I don't have to go into them all.

"But I thought, I am 75, and I don't feel it, but I am..." to which Lorraine cut in to respond: "You don't look it either."

She went on to add that her new tour would be a "celebration" of her nearly 60 years in music and that this would not mark an end to her career.

Lorraine viewers shocked to learn Lulu's real age amid final tour

ITV viewers wrote on X, formally known as Twitter, to express their shock at Lulu's younger looks with one user writing: "My goodness Lulu looks great."

Another said: "Lulu showing how important it is to have subtle tweaks and a great plastic surgeon. She looks incredible for 75 & still natural looking."

A third added: "To be fair, she's obviously had a bit of work done but she does look good for her age."

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