STV weatherman Sean Batty has shared an "adorable" video of cows playing in the snow as wintry weather continues to batter Scotland.

The Video clip, which is around half a minute long, shows a herd of cows frolicking through a snowy field as Sean Batty films from behind a fence.

This comes as most of Scotland records subzero conditions with some areas reporting lows of around -15C.

The cold weather is set to continue into the weekend with several yellow and amber weather warnings being issued by the Met Office.

Scots are obsessed with Sean Batty's 'adorable' video of cows playing in the snow

Speaking of the snowy cows video, Sean Batty from STV wrote on the social media post: "How adorable is this!

"Had to pull over and get a shot of them as they were just having so much fun in the snow, plus, who knew they could run so fast!!"

Other users on X, formally known as Twitter, were just captivated by the scene with one person writing: "Aren't they bonny....... Highly intelligent too. They can recognise faces from only seeing them once. You return & they come running. (if they like you)."

Another wrote: "This is adorable!!" while someone else said: "Lovely!!"

One user added: "Perhaps with the ground being hard because of the frost, they were actually able to do this. Pure joy!"

Sean Batty is a meteorologist from Paisley who has worked with STV since 2007. Previously, he was a broadcast assistant for the BBC and has even been nominated for a Scottish BAFTA, losing out to Lorraine Kelly.