A SECOND bright blue lobster has been caught off the North Berwick coast – just a fortnight after another of the “one in two million” crustaceans was captured in the area.

The lobster was caught by local fisherman Ben Pearson last Friday and has been given a home by North Berwick Lobster Hatchery.

Mr Pearson’s find came just two weeks after another rare blue lobster, called Chelsea, was saved from the cooking pot by a Swansea fishmonger.

Chelsea, so named in reference to the football team who play in royal blue, was also caught off North Berwick and sent to Swansea-based Adrian Coakley-Greene.

He sent the rare crustaceans to Anglesey Sea Zoo but it died shortly after it arrived there.

Now, the discovery of another rare blue lobster has been described as “amazing” by Jane McMinn, chairwoman of North Berwick Harbour Trust Association.

Meanwhile, Cam Small, who pictured Mr Pearson with the lobster, told the Courier: “The chances of catching a blue lobster are reckoned to be one in two million – the blue colour is due to a genetic mutation causing the lobster to produce an excessive amount of a particular protein.

“It is the most blue [one] I have ever seen.

“Lobsters have a bit of a blue tint to them anyway but I haven’t seen anything like this before.”

Mr Small posted a picture of the lobster to Facebook group North Berwick News and Views, but he told the Courier he was forced to take the picture down.

“There were a few comments about it,” he said.

“Some people were asking if it had been spray painted!”

And he confirmed that, after a spell at the lobster hatchery, where it will be on show, it will be released back into the water.