Following the news that Netflix could introduce adverts and stop password sharing, streamers are feeling inspired to shop around.

Pandemic-driven lockdowns have taken binge-watching to a new level, leading to rivals like Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video and BritBox challenging the streaming giant.

Netflix may have revolutionised the way we watch TV but with a dramatic loss of 200,000 subscribers between January and March and a 17% rise in subscriptions on the way, is it still worth the money?

With the rising cost of living, luxuries like streaming services are sadly often the first thing to go. 

How to reduce your energy bills

The experts at have crunched the numbers and have put together a handy guide to see if you're getting value for money from your streaming service.

Netflix subscription price compared to other streaming services

Here are the monthly prices for the major streaming services as well as a look at the catalogue you get access to when you sign up.

The experts at compared Netflix's standard subscription plan to Amazon Prime Video package if you pay monthly with Amazon Prime.

It also compared it with Apple TV+'s one year free deal with a qualifying Apple device, Disney Plus's monthly subscription, Now TV's Entertainment membership and BritBox's standard membership.


Cost: £10.99

Catalogue size: Over 5,000 movies and more than 2,000 TV shows

Amazon Prime Video

Cost: £7.99

Catalogue size: Thousands of movies and TV shows, with even more on the way, but many require extra money to watch

Now TV

Cost: £9.99

Catalogue size: More than 350 TV shows. Over 1,000 movies with Now TV Sky Cinema


Cost:  £7.99

Catalogue size: Over 1,300 movies and more than 500 TV shows

Apple TV+

Cost: £4.99

Catalogue size: More than 60 TV shows and 25 movies, with more launching every month


Cost: £5.99

Catalogue size: You can see the full active catalogue list via the BT website

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How much does Netflix cost you to watch per hour?

East Lothian Courier: A family watching TV together. Credit: CanvaA family watching TV together. Credit: Canva went one step further and worked out the average amount of time per week spent on watching online streaming services.

This comes out as one hour and five minutes per day according to Ofcom.

Then, they calculated how much each streaming service costs to watch per hour of content.

  • Netflix: 34p an hour
  • Amazon Prime Video: 25p an hour 
  • Now TV: 31p an hour 
  • Disney Plus: 25p an hour 
  • Apple TV Plus: 15p an hour 
  • BritBox: 18p an hour 

How to save money on streaming services

“Streaming services across the board are raising their subscription fees, so it’s worth knowing all the tips and tricks of streaming to get the most out of your money", James Andrews, Senior Personal Finance Editor at, said. 

Mr Andrews continued: "Before signing up to a service, figure out what you want from it. For example, if you want to watch Bridgerton, then you’ll have to subscribe to Netflix as that’s the only platform streaming the series. But if live sport is more up your street, then forget Netflix and look at Amazon Prime.

“You should also consider how much variety you want. Even though Netflix is the most expensive service, it has an enormous range with thousands of options for viewers of every age group. This means, depending on your personal circumstances, it may actually offer the best value for money. 

“At the other end of the scale is Apple TV and BritBox, the cheapest services available. While they won’t hit you as hard financially, the variety of movies and TV shows they offer is far smaller than the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime."