FINES dodgers have paid up thousands of pounds after having their vehicles clamped in a crackdown on people who repeatedly refuse to pay.

Among them was a Musselburgh man who dodged fines totalling £910 for six offences, including assault and road traffic infringements dating back to 2014.

But he settled the sum within hours when his Ford was clamped after an order was issued at Edinburgh JP Court.

He was among a number of non-payers across Scotland who found their vehicles clamped.

As well as paying their fines, drivers have to pay a £68 clamping fee and, if they do not settle their fines quickly, they have to pay additional mounting daily fees when a car is taken into storage.

Vehicles are ultimately scrapped or sold off if they do not settle their fines.

A new electronic interface between the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) and the DVLA vehicle database has enhanced the ability to track down drivers with unpaid fines.

Clamping vehicles is one of a number of measures available to SCTS for recovering unpaid fines.

Other measures include freezing bank accounts, arresting wages, taking money directly from benefits and even arresting non-payers when they are travelling through ports and airports for business or holiday trips.