THE REACTION of visitors to a moving garden of Remembrance has been captured on video.

The gardens at St Andrew's High Church in Musselburgh have been transformed into a carpet of poppies this week as the congregation prepares to mark Remembrance Sunday.

The kirk's craft group and friends enthusiastically responded to a request from the minister Rev Yvonne Atkins to knit or crochet the flowers which have become a symbol of remembrance for service personnel who lost their lives in the First and Second World, and subsequent conflicts.

Around 4,000 poppies were made and planted in the gardens by group members on Saturday.

And video footage, which has been shared on the Church of Scotland website, shows the reaction of those visiting the church gardens as Rev Atkins explains why it is so important.

The gardens will be open at various points during the next two weeks for visitors to take a closer look at the handcrafted flowers or those who wish to enjoy a seat to quietly reflect on remembrance