PLANS to restore Dunbar’s war memorial before the end of the year remain on track.

The memorial, off the town’s Marine Road, has suffered from weather erosion as it faces out on to the sea, with the town’s community council looking to restore it.

At the same time they are also looking to track down anyone whose name should have been included on the memorial but was missed off.

Herbert Coutts, who has been leading the campaign to see the memorial restored, told the town’s community council that he was still working on the project, which involves applying to the War Memorials Trust for funding for the restoration.

He said: “I have drafted a pre-application to the War Memorials Trust and I am gathering material to accompany that which includes some excellent photographs taken last year and more recently as well. All of that will go in.”

The pre-application to the trust, which works for the protection and conservation of war memorial across the UK, was submitted this week.

It is thought in the region of £25,000 will be required to restore the memorial, as well as add the additional names.

Already the memorial is home to about 200 names but it is thought there could be more than 30 people with a connection to the town whose names are not included.

Mr Coutts added: “It will not necessarily mean we get all the money we need but we hope we get a reasonable proportion of it. There will still be a requirement to raise money from others.”

Already at least one name has been discovered as missing from the war memorial.

Army Captain George William Ryland Griffin – known as Bill – died during active service in France on August 10, 1944, aged just 25.

Last year his widow Amore, who previously lived at Stafford House on Bayswell Park, outlined her hope that her late husband’s name could finally be added, more than 70 years after he was killed.

In November, she said: “I think he should be recognised – he died for his country.

“He is not going to have a memorial where he came from in Birmingham: his mother died when we were engaged and he only had an auntie there.

“I think these boys should be remembered.”