FOUR-way traffic lights are causing “considerable disruption” at one end of Dunbar High Street.

The lights are in place as part of work being carried out by SGN.

The works, which are due to run throughout February and March, involve old metal pipes being replaced with new plastic versions.

A spokeswoman for SGN said the work was being carried out to ensure a continued safe and reliable gas supply for residents of the town.

The works have resulted in the pedestrian crossing near the junction of Queen’s Road and Station Road, and the bus stop near the Hillside Hotel, being closed.

At a meeting of the town’s community council recently, George Robertson, vice-chairman, said: “There has been considerable disruption to town business.

“Do we know how long [the Queen’s Road] portion of the works will take to complete?”

Fellow community councillor Jacquie Bell said the temporary traffic regulation order stated work was to be carried out along Queen’s Road until the end of March.

The issue has also been raised at the local bus forum.

The SGN spokeswoman anticipated work at the High Street end of Queen’s Road would be finished soon and if they could move along Queen’s Road sooner they would do so.