POLICE were bombarded with complaints last night after a flurry of fireworks were set off after 11pm.

The pyrotechnics are thought to have been ignited from an area of land near Dunbar Grammar School.

PC Gavin Ross told the Courier: “A lot of phone calls were made to the police last night and an area was searched but we have not traced the people responsible.”

Outwith permitted displays, fireworks were not to be set off between 11pm and 7am, he added.

“After 11pm is too late – I would like people to think about the anti-social effect it would have on their neighbours," said the PC.

“Realistically, young children are going to bed at 9pm or earlier and setting off fireworks very late is not acceptable.”

George Robertson, vice-chairman of Dunbar's community council, heard the fireworks and said: “I have got a dog and the poor thing was terrified, cowering, shivering and all sorts.”