A HOUSE near Dunbar Railway Station could be torn down to make way for three new homes.

Plans to demolish the property at Ashfield Gardens, near Salisbury Walk, and create three homes in its place are with East Lothian Council.

The application shows the existing home, which is the residence of applicant James Leslie, would be demolished.

A planning statement included with the application notes that the applicants have lived in the property for many years and “it no longer meets their requirements”.

The document reads: “They wish to build an accessible, energy efficient house on plot one which will become their main residence.

“The erection of the new house will allow them to create a home that they can manoeuvre around easily as they advance in age, along with installing renewable energy supplies to lower future energy costs.

“The remaining garden ground of the site will be too extensive for the couple to maintain, and they therefore seek permission for the erection of two further dwelling houses within the site indicated as plot two and three.

“The sale of these plots will allow the applicants to construct their house and give some extra retirement funds.”

The proposals are also likely to be discussed at a meeting of the town's community council on Monday.