THE closing date for North Berwick's The Abbey care home has been confirmed.

On March 28, health chiefs made the decision to close the care home after much deliberations.

They came to their decision with the conclusion that The Abbey should close due to the building’s infrastructure being unable to fully meet current and future care and safety standards.

This led to a public outcry, with many residents of the town left worried about care home provision throughout East Lothian.

At the same time, it was announced that beds at Belhaven Hospital in Dunbar and Edington Hospital in North Berwick would close permanently.

The Courier can now reveal that The Abbey is scheduled to close on September 1.

East Lothian Health & Social Care Partnership has stated that most of the residents have already been rehomed.

Kenny Miller, chairman of North Berwick Community Council, said: "This is a really disappointing decision, that such a well-loved institution like The Abbey should be closed in this way.

"It is hoped there will be re-previsioning for the beds that have been lost because of the closure of it, so there can be spaces made for the people of North Berwick and the surrounding area without them paying private providers or having to go elsewhere."

A spokesperson for East Lothian Health & Social Care Partnership said: “As part of our ongoing decommissioning process, many residents have already been settled in their new accommodation.

"A closure date for The Abbey care home is scheduled for September 1, 2024.”