AFTER being woken up by his girlfriend hoovering her home after a night out, a Musselburgh man lost his temper, throwing the appliance to the ground before later sending her threatening messages.

Christopher Agnew had been on a night out socialising with friends when he returned to his partner’s Edinburgh home and went to bed.

Agnew, 39, was subsequently woken from his slumbers when his partner also returned home from her own night out and began to vacuum her flat.

Agnew got up and shouted at the woman, accusing her of being unfaithful to him and proceeding to grab hold of the hoover and throw it to the ground.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told that the man then went on to send his partner abusive messages including one that stated: “I will kill you.”

He also sent messages stating “I’ll f***ing show you” and “you’re a slut”.

Last week, lawyer Ms Brown, representing Agnew, said that her client “totally accepts he was out of line” that evening and the social work report revealed that he had been “quite open his behaviour was unacceptable”.

Ms Brown said that Agnew had a problem with alcohol and he now knew he “will have to get a grip” on the situation.

Agnew, of Victoria Terrace, pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards his partner at her home in the Capital on March 8 and 9 when he appeared in the dock at a previous hearing.

He returned to the court for sentencing, where Sheriff Julius Komorowski told him that, if there was any repeat of his behaviour in the future, there would be “a severe penalty”.

Agnew was told that he must attend appointments with domestic abuse support service the Caledonian Men’s Programme for the next two years and was placed on a social work supervision order for the same length of time. The sheriff also imposed a conduct requirement that bans Agnew from entering his partner’s home without her permission.