AN EVENING of celebration takes place at Knox Academy this evening (Thursday).

Two awards ceremonies in the Haddington secondary school will be recognising the efforts of pupils.

S1s and S2s will be presented with their awards from 6pm, while the S3-S6 age group ceremony starts at 8pm.

A spokesperson for the school said: “The S1-S2 awards are based on academic attainment in subjects and each subject area (not teacher) can nominate up to a maximum of 20 pupils in each year group.

“By awarding 20 pupils in each subject area, we hope to create ‘ambition’ in our young people that will carry their work ethic through to S3 and beyond.

“In S3-S6, pupils have selected their subjects, and hence our award process changes to reflect this, with only one pupil being awarded in each subject area, e.g. biology. It will be the top performer in this subject in terms of academic attainment (highest percentage in all tests across the year).”