BBC's Glenn Campbell has raised an additional £3,000 for charity by organising the first ever brain power cycle event in East Lothian.

In January, the veteran journalist, wrote a piece on the BBC's website telling people he had a rare-type of incurable brain cancer and at the time insisted he is “as lucky as someone in my position can be”.

Previous to his diagnosis, the BBC political editor, who lives close to North Berwick broke 10 ribs while cycling on a East Lothian county road.

He fittingly organised a sponsored ride for almost 30 cyclists, on June 9, along the same surface he had his accident, all the while raising money for Brain Tumour Research.

The funds raised will go towards to help Brain Tumour Research establish a new research centre of excellence in Scotland with the 48-year-old now raising an incredible £23,964 of his £50,000 target.

The East Lothian Courier caught up with Glenn and talked all about his amazing charity work.

He even told us he is still hoping to contribute to coverage of the election, mostly from home, and hopes to make occasional appearances on TV and radio in the later stages of the General Election.

He said: "It was so wonderful to have so much strong support for this first ever brain power cycle event through East Lothian and for that to happen exactly a year after I had my bike crash, which was the start of my cancer journey and my diagnosis.

"It was a really lovely day, the sun was shining and people came together to show their support a cause that is very close to my heart. There was also a number of people who appeared who had their own story, who I didn't know, and to have them coming along for their own reasons was wonderful.

"Brain tumours are incurable and that is the case in many cases and why there needs to be so much more research to find out how to beat a relatively rare and very dangerous cancer."

The route the cyclists took concluded where it started, in North Berwick, with a pit stop at Gifford's Lanterne Rouge Cafe, with Glenn able to ride alongside them for ten miles and enjoy French toast with bacon and a lashing of maple syrup.

Lanterne Rouge sponsored the 40 mile long event and provided cake and coffees to all of the cyclists who took part.

You can donate to Glenn's page, by clicking here.