AN EAST Lothian youngster is celebrating victory in the 31st National Dwarf Sports Association Games in Birmingham.

Nine-year-old Harry McWhinnie, from Prestonpans, brought home a haul of eight medals – five of which were for swimming – in what was his second year of competing in the national event.

A member of Musselburgh Amateur Swimming Club (MASC), the youngster also met Ellie Simmonds, a former Paralympian who competed in swimming. She is a patron of the Dwarfs Sports Association UK and presented medals and helped out at the swimming events.

Harry with Ellie Simmonds

Harry, a pupil at Preston Tower Primary School, Prestonpans, has been a regular swimmer since he was about five and has also fundraised for Dwarf Sports Association UK.

He has achondroplasia, which is a form of dwarfism.

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The recent national games saw more than 200 people compete from the age of two to 65, with events split into age categories. Harry competed in cycling, intro to power lifting, hockey, discus, shot put, javelin and swimming.

Harry McWhinnie competes in intro to power lifting at the games

He took gold in hockey for nine-15-year-olds, 25m 7-10 boys' freestyle, 25m 7-10 boys' breaststroke, 25m 7-10 boys' butterfly, and 25m 7-10 boys' back-stroke. He won silver in the under-11 boys' shot put and discus. Harry also came second in a trophy based on the closest time to Ellie Simmonds when she was under 14.

Harry's mum Stephanie said: "Alongside the sports, it's a big social event with a gala dinner, quiz and raffle.

"The weekend allows Harry to compete in sports on a level playing field but it also allows him to make new friends and grow existing ones.

"It's amazing to see Harry so confident at the games and help new members find their way."