TWO people stranded on rocks while 200 metres from the safety of the shore were rescued this morning.

Just after 6am, the Coastguard was alerted to two individuals cut off by the tide on rocks to the east of North Berwick called the Leithies.

North Berwick RNLI launched the charity's relief D-class lifeboat Robleen and the volunteer crew was guided to the scene by members of North Berwick Coastguard Rescue Team.

The casualties were transported 200m back to shore and handed over to the care of the Coastguard Rescue Team.

North Berwick RNLI water safety officer Duncan Barbour said: ‘There are a number of areas around the coast that can be cut off from the mainland at high tide. It’s important to check the local tide times, which you can do online or at the local harbour master's office.

"If you do get cut off by the tide, call 999 for the Coastguard as soon as you notice, although the tide will fall again, it might continue to rise leaving you surrounded by water."

Lifeboat Robleen was also launched on Monday to go to the aid of a windsurfer.

A member of the public spotted a windsurfer who appeared to be in difficulty off Longniddry at about 3pm.

They were reported as attempting to swim ashore and making no headway.

The volunteer crew assembled, launching the lifeboat shortly after, only to be stood down en-route after the casualty made it ashore into the care of Fisherrow Coastguard Rescue Team.

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