A DOCUMENTARY telling the story of a Haddington woman who survived a near fatal parachute jump after her husband sabotaged her parachute takes to the screen tomorrow (Tuesday).

The three-part The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot on Channel 4 focuses on Victoria Cilliers, who suffered near fatal injuries when her main and reserve parachutes failed as she took part in a jump on Easter Sunday 2015.

The experienced parachuting instructor suffered a broken spine and pelvis, as well as fractured ribs.

It is thought she survived because she landed on a freshly ploughed field.

Her husband, Emile, was also found to have sabotaged a gas valve at their home.

He was later jailed for 18 years after he was convicted by a jury of two attempted murder charges and a third count of damaging the gas fitting recklessly endangering life, following a retrial at Winchester Crown Court.

The first episode is shown at 9pm tomorrow (Tuesday), with parts two and three shown on Wednesday and Thursday.

Alisa Pomeroy, head of documentaries, said: “This is a spell-binding story that captured and shocked the nation.

"This series will attempt to address some important and thought-provoking questions that arose from this remarkable case.

"The mix of true-crime and drama-documentary and exclusive access to the investigating officers, will shed light on the complexities of abusive and coercive relationships and will no doubt educate and enthral our viewers.”