MONEY from the family of a former Dux at Knox Academy will go towards creating an outdoor learning space at the secondary school.

Pupils, parents and carers were invited to contribute design briefs and plans that would develop the area known as the quadrant into an area where pupils can learn outside the classroom.

A design committee, of pupils and staff, are looking to take a design – or combination of designs – forward.

Sue Cook, headteacher at the Haddington secondary school, said: “We have been gifted some money from the family of a former Dux of the school and it has been agreed, with the family, who are passionate about outdoor learning and gardening, to remodel the quadrant and make this an outdoor learning space.

“This will be a bookable resource, like a classroom, to add value to subjects.

“All subject areas will be welcome to book it (although the design brief does mention some subjects areas where this will lend itself to the teaching content).

“However we are hoping that we will also be able to grow some fruit/veg in it (planters and small/dwarf fruit trees), etc.”

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Ideas mentioned in the design brief include the possibility of carved wooden figurines and storyboards on educational topics, such as science, maths and environmental messages.

Water capture is also suggested as a way to create self-watering planters, while there is also the possibility of planting fruit and vegetables, including miniature trees and a medicinal garden.

Ms Cook added: “We can spend around £20,000 to £25,000 on hiring a company to do the work and for equipment/materials: planters, trees, compost, seating, drainage, watering barrels etc.

“We have also kept some money behind to pay for maintenance over the next 20 to 30 years – although I would hope some pupils could do this as part of the pupil support base, Duke of Edinburgh or as part of a future qualification we offer at the school, e.g. horticulture.”