A FILMING crew was spotted outside Staggs Bar in Musselburgh on Monday and Tuesday.

The bar, also known as The Volunteer Arms, was closed on Tuesday and large lorries took over the car park of the pub on Monday, while a section of North High Street was restricted to pedestrians.

East Lothian Courier: The road was closed during the day of filming

The Courier understands that the film crew was shooting a new crime drama called Department Q, which will be shown on Netflix.

On Tuesday evening, the crew was seen packing up equipment which included cameras, lights and ladders.

A passerby said: "I was at work across the street, they just started setting up and loads of vans appeared. I've no idea what actors are in it but it's really cool to see Musselburgh is going to be in a Netflix show."

The series is expected to feature a number of Scottish fan favourites, including Trainspotting's Mark Bonnar and Kelly Macdonald.