AFTER eight years of work and planning, a beautiful garden space in Tranent will officially open on Saturday.

The Garden of Reflection at Polson Park has been in the works since 2017, with plans officially lodged in 2020 for the garden, which was anticipated to cost about £100,000.

Dementia Friendly Tranent, which is behind the project, received grants and donations to help create the garden, which was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Work has now officially been completed at the garden, with bushes and planting complete, benches and flowerbeds installed, and a tree design, named the tree of life, in place.

East Lothian Courier: A Garden of Reflection will officially open at Polson Park in Tranent on Saturday

Four benches are included, with one dedicated to babies and children, one to soldiers, one to the farming community and one featuring the town’s motto ‘Lie Forrit’. A miner’s hutch has also been added to honour the town’s mining past.

Paula Waugh, of Dementia Friendly Tranent, said: “Our vision was to make a safe and peaceful garden for people in our community to come and reflect.

East Lothian Courier: A Garden of Reflection will officially open at Polson Park, Tranent on Saturday

“Whether this was reflecting on loved ones we’ve lost, remembering the good times can bring us comfort and strength. The garden may also let people reflect on times of the past.

“It’s fabulous that Dementia Friendly Tranent are finally opening the garden and also a relief too, as it’s been a long time planning it. We are delighted with the support from the whole community.”

A ceremony to open the garden takes place on Saturday, with East Lothian’s Lord Lieutenant Roderick Urquhart officially opening the garden at noon, accompanied by a piper. Councillor Colin McGinn will speak alongside Dementia Friendly Tranent chair Maureen Allan.