SOME people like to relax before work with a cup of coffee. . . teenager Sam Soutar prefers to get out his hammock, attach it to a couple of trees, and take a nap in the Great Outdoors!

Drivers travelling along busy Mill Wynd in Haddington had to do a double take this morning (Wednesday) when they spotted a man in a hammock in trees not far from the road on a grassy area outside Aubigny Sports Centre.

One said: "The guy was lying back, minding his own business, but it's not every day you see someone in a hammock 8ft off the ground on such a prominent spot as you drive past. I wondered if he was doing some kind of protest but I couldn't see any signs!"

However, Sam Soutar, 18, had not set up camp for the night and his only 'cause' was enjoying some relaxation before starting work, after arriving in Haddington by bus from his home in Dunbar.

The teenager works front of house at Falko: Konditormeister cafe on Haddington High Street.

He told the Courier that the distance between the two trees was the ideal spot to set up his hammock before starting his shift - and he would regularly look for nice spots to chill out.

“I have been here probably an hour," he said when approached by the Courier at about 9.15am.

“I went on a wee walk and just set up here. It's just an enjoyable thing to do.

"There are some other nice spots along the River Tyne I use too."