LIGHTER nights could lead to a rise in youth anti-social behaviour, police have warned in their latest report for the Prestonpans area.

The report said: “With the beginning of lighter nights, this could cause a slight spike in youth-related anti-social behaviour throughout the ward area.

"We are looking to push on with the drive to reduce youth offending and youth anti-social behaviour and are working with partners from East Lothian Council in this effort.”

The report found that, between February 27 and March 25, there were 198 calls made to police from the area, resulting in 39 crimes being recorded.

Eleven domestic abuse incidents were recorded, as well as one missing person.

Seventeen anti-social behaviour crimes were recorded, including nine incidents of vandalism, seven assaults and one offence of carrying a knife.

There were 17 crimes of dishonesty, including 13 incidents of shop-lifting and one theft of a motor vehicle.

One incident of dangerous driving and one incident of careless driving were recorded.

There were also four crimes recorded for possession of drugs.

The report confirmed that search warrants had been carried out on several addresses within the area during the same time period.