A key road in a county town is closed after a large tree fell this morning.

St Baldred's Road in North Berwick is closed after a tree fell on the road at about 9am this morning.

Lindsay Chree was visiting North Berwick Group Practice on the road at the time when the incident occurred.

She said: "We were in the doctors for a 9am appointment and parked outside.

"It was a quick appointment and we came out about 10 minutes later to the tree fallen. It had only just missed our car but I think an older woman's car was scratched and she was quite shaken.

"I think it was quite a well known tree. It's a surprise as it wasn't particularly windy.

"Thankfully the car wasn't damaged. You hear about fatalities because of fallen trees. We were lucky."

An East Lothian Council spokesperson confirmed council officers were on the scene attempting to clear the road.