A controversial business sign on the outskirts of Bellway Homes’ development on the edge of Elphinstone “is not intrusive” according to the site’s land director.

East Lothian Council planning officers have twice rejected retrospective planning permission for the huge sign, which measures 9.15m wide and 3m high and is supported by aluminium posts 6.5m in height, stating that it was “dominant, intrusive and out of place” in its current location.

However, Bellway Homes has since written to Scottish Ministers to appeal the decision.

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At a meeting of Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council last Tuesday (March 19) representative from Bellway Homes were present to discuss the ongoing development.

When questioned by community council vice-chair Neil Ellis on the decision to appeal the sign, land director Mark Sinclair said he did not believe the sign was intrusive.

He said: “Bellway have appealed the decision on the sign for a number of reasons.

“Personally, I feel the sign isn’t intrusive. When you go to other parts of East Lothian there are similar signs up which have been given planning permission.

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“The sign doesn’t face any houses and it’s a temporary sign so will be down in a matter of months anyway.

“However, if the decision is made that it has to come down, then it will have to come down.”

Councillor Lee-Anne Menzies, ward member for the area, sought reassurance that a similar incident would not happen again.

She said: “Can we get a reassurance from Bellway that going forward we won’t have similar incidents to this in which signs are put up without planning permission and permission is sought later?”

Mr Sinclair said a similar incident would not occur again.