Pupils at Preston Lodge High School have been planting trees in the school grounds.

This year, two trees have been planted in the learning zone garden. A willow has also been planted next to the rear car park.

Dylan Bell, from the pupil support team, said: “We have been planting fruit at this time of year at PL for almost 20 years.

“After many tree losses – snapped off, pulled from ground, whole wall knocked down by snow clearer, quad-bike wheelies, over-zealous grounds maintenance (spraying herbicides, mowing them down and strimming the bark off), and most recently temporary huts being placed on top of them – we continue to plant.

“This year we have planted a cherry, a plum, a pear and an apple variety. Two have been planted in the learning zone garden, which is a very sheltered spot, with loads of figs grown every year.

“It’s great to watch the seasons change in our trees and allow students and teachers to eat their fruit before the summer holidays. Home economics have used them regularly and they will hopefully grow into an orchard that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

“We have also been given a range of native hedging plants which we continue to plant along the boundaries, encouraging native wildlife, greener and healthier spaces.

We planted willow in the lower, very wet, area next to the rear carpark and they have absolutely flourished, created a new habitat and nesting area.”