Verbal abuse and threatening behaviour towards staff is ‘never acceptable’ according to East Lothian Council.

The council said that while times can be stressful, there would be zero tolerance for aggressive behaviour towards council staff.

In a video on social media, East Lothian Council said that council staff were doing their best to assist residents and reminded them that “we’re all part of the local community.”

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: “We're living through stressful times right now and everyone's feeling it. Our staff are doing their best to assist local residents and businesses whilst delivering essential services. Please be nice.

“East Lothian Council is the single largest employer in the county.

“Our employees may be your neighbour, your teammate, a fellow parent or customer. We’re all part of the local community. So when you contact us, please respect us and we respect you.

“Verbal abuse and threatening behaviour is never acceptable.”