A couple have shared adorable footage of a hedgehog family tucking into a midnight snack in their back garden.

One of the videos shows a hog climbing into a small enclosure before sniffing the air and digging into food left out for it.

Another clip shows a mum and her baby huddling together before tucking into bowls of food side-by-side while enjoying the warmth of their cosy den.

The huts the hedgehogs can be seen climbing into were set up by East Lothian couple Caroline and Terry Dickson.

They did so to care for the endangered wild animals which come into their garden from time to time.

The pair have also been trained to foster and care for the hogs by rescue charity Hogwatch Dumbarton Hedgehog Rescue.

This rescue work involves cleaning out the hedgehog hutch and feeding and weighing the animals.

They also monitor the activities of both wild and rescued hogs. To do this, the couple utilise Ring Stick Up Cams (3rd Generation).

East Lothian couple shares 'heartwarming' clip of hedgehog family tucking into midnight snack

Self-confessed animal lover and NHS Administrator Caroline said: “I have always loved animals and have been involved in caring for animals through rescue centres and such since I was a young girl. 

"For some time now we’ve been feeding and observing the wild hedgehogs that come into our garden, and we’ve also fostered hogs in support of Hogwatch Dumbarton Hedgehog Rescue.

"We’ve saved young hoglets from the cold and helped injured hedgehogs recover who otherwise wouldn’t have survived on their own.

"It’s so important to help the wildlife on our doorstep – wild hedgehogs need our help as they are in serious decline."

Discussing the footage, she added: “We managed to capture cute footage of a mother hedgehog and her young one eating side by side at the feeding station, and sometimes we see hedgehogs carrying barley straw we leave out for them into their huts. It’s very heartwarming.”