PURPLE Friday will be celebrated at a special event in Tranent, organised by Fa’side Women and Girls’ Group.

Purple Friday is a day dedicated to celebrating the LGBT+ community and its history.

The event is held tomorrow (Friday) from 7pm to 10.30pm at St Martin’s Hall, Tranent.

As well as celebrating LGBT+ History Month, the group will be commemorating the 40th anniversary of the miners’ strike.

The evening kicks off with a discussion about the strike, followed by a screening of the film Pride (15), about the LGBT+ community’s solidarity with the striking miners.

Afterwards there will be an opportunity to talk about the film, as well as for dancing and socialising.

Soft drinks and snacks will be served on the day and the event is open to all, though under-15s must be accompanied by an adult due to the movie’s age certificate.

The event is free and donations, which will be split between LGBT Youth Scotland and the Fa’side Women and Girls’ Group, will be welcomed.