A WOMAN who admits she could have lost everything has braved plummeting temperatures to thank a charity that supported her.

Sarah Cook told the Courier that Steps to Hope had “changed my life” after they helped her recover from addiction issues.

Sarah, who lives in Dunbar, was joined by friend Emma Hogg sleeping rough to raise funds for the good cause and its Hope House project.

Steps to Hope is a non-profit charity dedicated to caring for the homeless and those suffering with addiction, while Hope House will offer a place to people looking to recover from addiction.

Sarah told the Courier: “Two years ago, I was really struggling with an addiction to alcohol.

“I tried getting help everywhere and ended up going to Steps to Hope in the May. I was in recovery for three months.

“I have kept in touch with the founder.

“Anything I can do to help to raise funds and awareness, I am more than happy to get involved in it.”

The charity’s founder, Richard Roncero, established Steps to Hope after his own issues with addiction.

He is currently sleeping rough for eight weeks in eight different cities to raise funds and awareness for the charity.

Sarah and Emma did their bit last month near Uphall, West Lothian, where a fundraising event took place, with Musselburgh singer Callum Beattie also putting in an appearance.

Forty-four-year-old Sarah said: “It rained a couple of times but nothing too drastic.

“It was really cold and got down to two or three degrees but thankfully it was clear for most of the night but freezing.”

Sarah, who works as a receptionist at Dunbar Medical Practice, entered a rehab facility through the charity in Edinburgh.

The three-month programme helps people to tackle addiction and Sarah thanked the good cause for “giving me my life back”.

Sarah explained how she had lost jobs, was isolating herself from everyone and had tried everything.

She said: “I don’t even know if I would still have a life without them – it was as serious as that.

“Because the waiting list in the country for services is so big, it is quite difficult for somebody suffering from addiction.

“There is a window where they want help and want to do something.

“The waiting list in terms of alcohol addiction. . . the advice is you cannot just stop.

“The body becomes so reliant it can kill you to just stop.

“You keep drinking but trying to reduce it.

“People try waiting for spaces and I definitely would not have the life I have got.

“I have a job that I love, my family, thankfully, were supportive and I was trying to do everything I could.

“I know people lost everyone and I am one of the fortunate ones.”

To make a donation, go to either justgiving.com/page/sarah-cook-1702937889849 or justgiving.com/campaign/sleeprough8weeks 8cities