Concerns about anti-social behaviour from Ross High School pupils coming off a school bus on Tranent High Street are “incredibly disappointing to hear”, according to an East Lothian Council spokesperson.

Lee Rollo Stewart, funeral director at Tranent Co-op Funeralcare on High Street, recently raised concerns about youngsters from Ross High banging on the shop window, throwing school bags and pushing fellow pupils into the shop after getting off the bus from school.

She told the Courier: “We’re having an ongoing issue with the youngsters off the bus.

“It is not good for us or for our customers, some of whom are very upset when visiting.

“You go outside and they hurl abuse at you. It is really quite intimidating.

“It’s hard to know what to do in that situation and it is having a real impact on us.”

It comes after the business was last month targeted by vandals who spray-painted a message reading “ULTRAS T” on both the door and inner window of the property.

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An East Lothian Council spokesperson told the Courier that the concerns about anti-social behaviour were worrying.

They said: “This is incredibly disappointing to hear.

“While the school reiterates the appropriate behaviours it expects of young people, it is ultimately down to those individuals and their families when they are out and about within the community.

“We’re appreciative that the vast majority of young people behave well and are great ambassadors for the school and the area.

“Where this is not the case, the Ross High leader- ship team and council’s community protection team will work closely with police and support any appeals for information to identify those responsible for any incidents of anti-social behaviour.

“Information can be shared in confidence via 01875 824307 or by sending an email to”

Mike Falconer, chair of Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council, said: “It is not something we are aware of but it is a shame to hear those concerns.

“Unfortunately, when you get a load of kids gathering at a bus stop, that can often lead to some disruption.

“I would advise anyone with concerns to get in touch with the school or the council about the matter.”