A SWIMMING pool, bowling alley and sauna no longer feature in plans for a five-bedroom home at Archerfield.

Last year, Frank and Susan Cooper were given the green light for the property at Kings Cairn.

Now East Lothian Council has given permission to fresh proposals for the site.

The newly approved plans, from Graeme and Jennifer Sword, show changes to the previous proposals.

That includes the exclusion of the basement floor and bowling alley, while “a modest extension” to the first-floor terrace is introduced.

The revised drawings give a breakdown of what will be on offer at the three-storey property.

On the ground floor are four bedrooms, as well as a bar, games room, gym, office and wine area.

Upstairs features a kitchen, dining area and lounge along with a terrace.

Finally, on the second floor is the remaining bedroom along with a dressing room and en-suite bathroom.

The council’s planning department approved the proposals after no objections from members of the public.

The planning officer wrote: “By its positioning, layout, height, design, architectural form, layout and positioning, the proposed house is acceptable for this location.

“The proposed house would not be harmful to the integrity of form and layout of the other components of the scheme of development approved on adjacent and nearby plots.”