MUSSELBURGH Amateur Musical Association (MAMA) is holding its first ever 24-hour musical challenge.

The event will raise funds to help towards the additional costs that the company now has due to using Portobello Town Hall because of the closure of parts of The Brunton in Musselburgh following a roof survey.

A MAMA spokesperson said that they were “excited” to be appearing at Portobello Town Hall and to be able to support the Portobello Central Trust in their “continuing renovation” of the building.

For the musical challenge, the company will meet on Friday, March 1, and work through the next 24 hours to put on a full-scale musical the following evening at 7.30pm on March 2.

The spokesperson said: “The challenge is that none of those performing or helping know what the show is until the Friday and, in that time, have to learn the show as well as help with lighting, sound and staging.

“Only the production team know what is involved.

“The best part is that not even the audience knows what the show is until the curtain rises.”

Tickets are available at