FURTHER damage has been caused to North Berwick’s harbour wall by stormy conditions on Friday night.

A huge hole was smashed in the wall amid stormy conditions in October last year.

Steps are being taken to repair the wall but the town’s harbour trust revealed that the hole had been widened after spring tides at the weekend.

On social media, a spokesperson for North Berwick Harbour Trust confirmed they lost “a bit more of the wall” due to the large waves.

They said: “Probably about six-foot or so which is not at all unexpected.”

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It is understood contractors and representatives from East Lothian Council visited the site on Monday.

The spokesperson added: “The rock armour seemed to work reasonably well and the amount of water over the wall was less that before but still a lot of debris now on the esplanade.

“A few big rocks moved and came out the chains but the drains worked well and mostly the rock armour stayed in place.

“We probably need to add a bit more chain in a few places and Harbour Helpers will look at this.”