A support group for those in the early stages of dementia could soon be launched in Prestonpans with the support of the town’s community council.

At a meeting of Prestonpans Community Council last month, Gill Harman, co-ordinator at Prestonpans Community Centre, discussed plans to launch the group, which would offer regular support for those affected by the condition, providing them with a place to socialise at the community centre.

Funding of £1,995 was being requested from the community council to help kickstart the group.

She said: “A total of 48 per cent of people in East Lothian with dementia live in Prestonpans, and we do not have a group for them.

“This group will offer personal interaction with those affected by the condition, focusing on those in the early stages of the condition.

“We would like to offer support, food and put on events and activities for people.

“We won’t be a care home, which is why we will be focussing on those in the early stages of dementia.”

Andrew Stevenson, vice-chairman of the community council, who was chairing the meeting, said: “I really like the idea and it is something that I personally would support.

“I think Prestonpans could benefit a lot from this.”

Janis Wilson, secretary of the community council, was also fully in support, stating that the service would have benefited her family in the past had it been available.

Graeme Hutchison, community council member, added: “I think about 90 per cent of what our community council funding supports is for the young people in our community.

“Perhaps it is time we give something back to the elderly members of the community.”

The community council agreed to offer £1,500 in support of the planned group.

Mr Stevenson added: “I would like to wish you all the best with it. I think this group will be a huge benefit for Prestonpans and I hope it can go ahead soon.”