FEARS have been raised that vehicles could be queued back onto the A1 if traffic lights replace a key roundabout in Dunbar.

Traffic travelling along Spott Road in and out of the town has to negotiate the roundabout between the Asda store and Dunbar Garden Centre.

However, a suggestion was made at a meeting of Dunbar Community Council last month that traffic lights could soon be installed in place of the roundabout.

Jacquie Bell, from the community council, claimed residents had been told that traffic lights would replace the mini roundabout by the end of that month.

She was worried that lights would not help traffic to flow but instead would cause further congestion.

East Lothian Courier: A roundabout near Dunbar Garden Centre and the town's Asda store could be replaced by traffic lightsA roundabout near Dunbar Garden Centre and the town's Asda store could be replaced by traffic lights

Speaking after the meeting, Mrs Bell said: “A proposal to put traffic lights there would add to problems of traffic flow on Spott Road.

“It could potentially cause back-up onto the A1 and also there are already issues for people getting out of Kellie Road and Brodie Road.”

She also highlighted the closure of a section of neighbouring Beveridge Row while housebuilding takes place at Hallhill North.

The closure had resulted in an increase of traffic travelling east along Brodie Road to get onto the A1 at Spott Roundabout.

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council declined to give a timescale for when the lights could be in place.

She said: “The signalisation of the junction has been identified as a requirement for further development at Dunbear Park due to increased levels of traffic which will make it increasingly difficult to cross this road at this location.

“This work will be fully funded by the developer and timescales will be communicated through the normal channels at the appropriate time.”