THE East Lothian coastline is at the heart of a new exhibition which opens in a seaside village this weekend.

Land and Sea features the work of Haddington-based Andy Heald, as well as Kirstie Behrens and John McClenaghen.

Both Heald and McClenaghen paint outdoors when they can, especially around the county’s coast.

The exhibition takes place at Fidra Fine Art in Gullane until March 3.

Alan Rae, who owns the gallery on the village’s Main Street, said: “It’s been a joy to see the work which the three artists have created for Land and Sea.

“The subject matter is similar but the results are very different.

“Andy and John both take a very spontaneous, emotional approach to painting.

“There is a real love of mark-making at work.

“Meanwhile, Kirstie’s work is a real contrast.

“Her collection of etchings evolve from drawings and paintings she makes on location and then works on back in the studio, before committing the drawing to the plate and the subsequent alchemy of the printing process.

“They are quite literally steeped with atmosphere.”